Jacqueline Alwill’s Yoghurt, Mint & Toasted Almond Soup

(Serves 1)

Total: 394 Calories
(211 Calories – Eimele Tomato, Basil & Lentil Soup)

(183 Calories – Boost)

1 x Eimele Tomato, Basil & Lentil Soup Sachet
2 tbsp (65g) greek yoghurt (Or coconut yogurt as a vegan option)
1 tbsp (22g) almonds, roughly chopped
Small handful mint leaves, finely chopped


  1. Place Eimele Tomato, Basil & Lentil Soup in bowl with 300ml water, whisk, then add greek (or coconut) yoghurt, chopped almonds and mint leaves to the top and serve.

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