Losing weight isn’t an overnight situation. If a product or program claims you can shed weight quickly, then it’s likely to be a fad.

Real and sustainable weightloss is something that takes time and effort. It’s a matter of calories in, calories out, but in a healthy and realistic manner.

“If you want to lose weight or have been losing weight, this is a result of consuming less calories than your body is utilising – in other words, your body is drawing on energy from stored fat rather than running off the food you’re consuming,” says Eimele’s formulator Simon Hill.

“One of the commonalities among populations who naturally achieve a healthy body weight is that their diets get all or most of their calories from whole plant foods – fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, nuts and seeds.
“One of the primary mechanisms thought to explain this is that compared to the common foods making up the standard western diet these foods are less calorie dense, which means in order to eat the same number of calories you have to eat a much larger volume of food.  This larger food volume, and the fibre it contains, results in the release of appetite suppressing hormones.  The end result? Feeling full and satisfied with less calories.

“Eimele has described this entire process at length before. With this in mind, the single most important thing when it comes to buying any product to promote weight loss is that it will help you achieve a calorie deficit in a healthy and sustainable manner,” he adds.

Simon also advises that while reducing your calorie intake you ensure your body is getting all the essential nutrients it needs.

“Something that is really crucial is ensuring that during these periods of consuming few calories you are still providing your body with all of the essential nutrients it requires,” he says.

“This is why a product like Eimele is super handy. All of the hard work has been done for you with each of the Eimele meals containing every single essential nutrient (macronutrients, vitamins and minerals) that your body needs to function at an optimal level each day.

“Each meal also contains the perfect amount of plant protein and dietary fibre to help keep you fuller for longer. So, you can lose weight and feel good at the same time, while not forsaking your long-term health,” he adds.

Professor Liz Isenring, Director of LINC Nutrition agrees that it’s not a short-term fix.

“Weight loss, and specifically fat loss, is an ongoing process. Metabolic changes occur quite quickly but take longer to be seen. Remember we get healthier from the inside out!
When we are in energy deficit (by eating healthy and moving more) our body taps in to our fat cells as an energy source, she says.
“This is then broken down into carbon dioxide and water (so that’s where the fat goes-we mainly “breathe” it out!). These changes start happening quite quickly but are usually only visible after a few months and very noticeable after a few months.
“Consistency is the key – don’t get discouraged if you can’t see changes – be rest assured they are happening on the inside!” she adds.