There are many benefits to meditation including stress relief, boosting the immune system and decreasing anxiety and depression.

But meditating daily can have even greater benefits. In fact, even science shows that regular mediation can lead to a wide array of health improvements.

Research shows that those who dedicated at least 20 minutes to mindful meditation found their anxiety decreased significantly.

Researchers of the study found that participants’ level of anxiety dropped by as much as 39 per cent after practicing meditation daily.

Not only that the research showed that meditation helped boost productivity levels thanks to helping increase focus and attention and the ability to multi-task.

Another study showed that daily meditation improved people’s moods and wellbeing. The research team looked at the brains scans of 16 people that went on an 8-week mediation course and found that compassion and self-awareness grew thanks to regular practice.

One more study also found that mediation helped reverse patterns in the brain that contribute to worrying, mind wandering and poor attention spans.

If you’re having trouble sleeping, meditation is also a great way to help induce a better-quality night’s sleep.

Another study found that people who meditated stayed asleep longer and improved their insomnia greatly.

So how much do you need to mediate for? Even for a short period is beneficial.

One study showed that mediating for just 13 minutes a day saw benefits after eight weeks.

Furthermore, you can meditate anywhere. It can be at home, on the bus or even at work. You just need to find a quiet spot and focus your attention on your breath and your thoughts and the surrounding sounds.

Allowing yourself to centre you mind, collect your thoughts and be compassionate with any feelings of angst, will help you enter your state of meditation and improve your stress levels.

If you find you have trouble self-guiding yourself through the meditation, you can also listen to a self-guided tape or find a mediation circle to join.