As long as I can remember, health and fitness have always been central in my life. Through school, I was drawn to athletics and excelled at competitive sports. I was seemingly physically fit, but looking back, I know that the foods I consumed were hindering my strength and fitness rather than enhancing it. I regularly ate fast foods, sugary and greasy foods that didn’t make me feel well. I wasn’t alone. Everywhere I looked, I saw people consuming unhealthy junk food that was readily available but nutritionally empty. I realised most of us are setting ourselves up for weight gain and chronic disease by consuming far too many animal products and ultra-processed foods whilst not eating near enough wholefoods. Once I graduated University, I was drawn to the growing research that linked lifestyle changes and better diets to enhanced overall well-being and reduced rates of chronic diseases. By spending countless hours reading research articles, attending conferences and conducting podcasts with Doctors and health experts, I’ve learnt how vital nutrition is in sustainable weight loss and maintaining a healthy body weight.

To top that off, I enrolled in a Masters of Nutrition which has taught me more than I could have ever dreamt. At the same time, I created Plant Proof, an online platform, to show people the many benefits of the diet closest to how nature intended – a Whole-Food Plant-Based Diet. Thanks to Plant Proof, I’ve reached and inspired countless people who have made positive changes in their lives and seen extraordinary results. It is also thanks to Plant Proof’s popularity that I was approached by Eimele, a brand I’m extremely proud to be working with, to help formulate their products. Together, we created a range of products that yield incredible weight loss results whilst being both easy to integrate into our busy lives and not placing our long-term health at risk.

Eimele was created on the core ideology that healthy weight loss should never come at the expense of proper nutrition or overall health. Having been in the fitness industry for years, I’ve seen my fair share of products or diet trends- like Keto or Atkins- which promise rapid weight loss yet completely fail to properly consider the long-term health consequences. Eimele recognises this and is a unique brand as a result. While weight loss is the main goal, adequate and sustainable nutrition is just as important. The products we formulated to truly nourish the body with all the key vitamins and minerals that are essential for our body to function whilst simultaneously promoting weight loss.

When formulating Eimele’s product range, I was guided by several core principles. I wanted to be sure the products were created from nutrient-dense wholefoods, had adequate amounts of protein to avoid muscle loss, and were free from fatty oils as they are nutritionally poor and high in sodium, which contributes to chronic disease. By ensuring Eimele products are high in fibre and contain plant proteins, healthy fats, and all essential vitamins and nutrients, they keep us full, increase metabolism, and reduce food cravings that result from inadequate nutrition. As an added bonus, these foods also improve bowel and gut health as well as reduce health risks.

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Another core principle was making sure products were made of all-natural ingredients free from refined sugars to reduce cravings and retrain tastebuds to naturally prefer low-calorie foods.  As a result, overall physical and mental health improves and energy levels are stabilised.

At the same time, enjoying what you’re eating is critical to the program’s success. I wanted to be sure that the Eimele range is equally as delicious as it is nutritious. For that reason, I chose to include vegetable oil, sea salt and natural flavour – all of which are fine in moderation – in our soup range.

Eimele’s overarching macronutrient profile breaks down to 50% unrefined Carbs, 30% Protein, 20% Fat. Countless research has identified this profile as the best for sustainable weight loss and long-term health. The team at Eimele and I built upon these principles to come up with a range of perfectly balanced yet readily available wholefood options that are both delicious and nutritionist-approved. We’ve aimed to make a weight loss program that’s easy to follow and absolutely tasty – and I think we nailed it.

While sourcing ingredients, I considered not only the quality and taste of the product but the nutritional profile of each ingredient to ensure you receive complete nutrition at every meal. Through Eimele, I hope to open people’s minds that plant foods are the cleanest and most powerful foods rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. In addition, my aim is to be honest and transparent about our unique approach to weight-loss.

I relied on my years of research in nutrition and the knowledge I’ve amassed from leading doctors specialising in lifestyle diseases to guide me whilst deciding which key ingredients to include in our product range. I learned that the key to sustainable weight loss as well as a long, healthy life was to focus on nourishing the body with the vital nutrition it requires to thrive. You see, foods that are rich in calories but poor in nutrients – like doughnuts or chocolate bars– leave your body craving the minerals and nutrients it needs to fuel itself. This sends signals to your stomach and brain to eat more food – leading to cravings and overeating. On the other hand, wholefoods high in vitamins, minerals and fibre nourish the body and send signals to the brain that you’ve been adequately fed – goodbye sugar cravings and binges!

For example, one of the soups we formulated is made from sweet potatoes – one of my personal favourites. Why? Other than being delicious, hearty and filling, sweet potato is rich in fibre and is incredibly high in Vitamin A, C, and B6 among other key nutrients. It contains a healthy amount of unrefined carbohydrates all while being low in calories.

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Another standout in our products is Kakadu Plum, which you might not know about. Kakadu Plum is a superfood native to the Australian bush and has been consumed for centuries by native Australians for its nutrients and medicinal properties. With the highest vitamin C content out of any food in the world, an impressive antioxidant profile and antibacterial properties that have earned this food a place in natural medicine, Kakadu Plum is the ultimate nutrition powerhouse. Lastly, raw cacao powder featured in the Eimele Cacao & Coconut Snack Bar is the healthiest and most natural form of chocolate. Not only has cacao been found to boost moods, reduce stress and anxiety, but it’s also considered a superfood for being incredibly rich in antioxidants, iron, magnesium and other essential nutrients.

Eating a nutrient-dense wholefood diet is a crucial concept to learn and understand, especially given what is happening around the world. More than ever before, rates of obesity are dramatically increasing and leading to chronic diseases and early death. This is undoubtedly caused by our unprecedented consumption of meats, fast foods and heavily processed junk food. These days, foods contain ingredients so far from nature that we don’t even know what our food labels mean. That’s why it’s time to relearn our roots and focus on eating foods that are natural, tasty and just so happen to be low in calories making them perfect for sustainable weight loss. Take a look at any Eimele label – I bet you’ll be able to identify every last ingredient.

In finalising the Eimele product range, I continue to be guided by nature so each Eimele product contains a variety of wholefoods essential for ensuring the body never lacks the essential vitamins and minerals necessary for optimal health. Both my and Eimele’s goal is to provide honest nutrition whilst empowering our community to enjoy health and live full, vibrant lives.

Thankfully, people across the world are realising that unhealthy and processed diets rich in meats, refined sugars and processed carbohydrates is negatively impacting their health and that of people around them. As a result, many are rekindling their love for natural, wholefoods and straying away from animal products. Most see such impressive results that they never look back. Unsurprisingly, a plant-based diet has been dubbed ‘the fastest growing movement in the world’, with people ditching animal foods soaring at unprecedented rates. And this isn’t just happening on a personal level. National Dietary Guidelines are being updated across the world to reflect the growing body of knowledge that links diets rich in meat and processed junk food to heightened risks of developing chronic diseases. For example, Canada’s national recommendation is to consume the majority of calories from plant foods as close to nature as possible. The world is waking up and Eimele is ready to guide you!


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