One of the biggest misconceptions about weight loss is that it means saying goodbye to your social life.  Sure, depending on the extent to which you indulge in certain foods and drinks, there may need to be some modifications made to your social habits, but with the understanding of a few principles and strategies you can still be social and achieve the weight results you’re looking for.

In many ways, understanding and being able to implement the below tips, is key to building a sustainable weight management plan. After all, if you constantly feel deprived or like you are missing out, soon enough you’ll find yourself jumping off the weight loss bandwagon.

Here’s 4 of My Tips:

1 – Weight loss is determined by your overall energy balance.

Thus, if you are planning to consume a few drinks and perhaps some more processed or oil rich food on the weekend or at a particular social event, build it into your weekly calories. Weekly calories? “But I thought it was all about your daily energy balance?” It’s true – we often get caught up in the ‘daily’ calorie count.  The truth is, you can look at calories and energy balance over a week or even over a month. In doing this, it allows you to attend social events and deal with any ‘calorie surplus’ days. For example, if your weight loss calorie goal is 1500 calories and you have 2200 calories one day due to a social event then you have had 700 extra calories for the day. By simply reducing your target calories to 1400 for the following 7 days you will make up for that excess day. Of course, multiple excess days can make it tough, so all of this is to be implemented within reason.  Alternatively, you may know you are having a dinner party and in that case you could fast through breakfast, and therefore leave extra calories for your lunch and dinner. Moral of the story here: don’t fret over a social engagement! You can adjust your calories around it and still enjoy yourself with family and friends.

2 – Before dining out have plenty of water and a piece of fruit (bananas work perfectly) to fill you up.

This will stop you sitting at the table snacking on all the deep-fried wedges, table bread or other starters before mains come out!

3 – When dining out there are a few tricks when it comes to food selection that will save you a tonne of calories.

If possible, go for foods that are fresh and not deep fried as they tend to be lower in fat content and overall calories.  You may even be able to have your meal prepared without oil – if you’d prefer, excuse yourself for the bathroom and ask the waiter on the way so you don’t have to look fussy at the table. Skip desert and make a banana nice cream at home (simply blend 2 frozen bananas, plant-based milk and cinnamon – delicious and less than half the calories of most deserts at restaurants).

4 – After a social event you may wake up feeling tired.

You need to expect this.  Alcohol and food that’s richer in saturated fat, sodium and sugar will do that. It’s completely normal and no – you won’t have stored body fat overnight.  So, dust off your shoes, clear your head, perhaps go outside and get some fresh air and be sure to get back on the program.


Featured Image Source: @girlfriend