If you didn’t manage to kickstart the New Year with a bit of a cleanse and reset and are feeling like you want to give one a go, try taking up February Fast, where for the month of February you give your body a break from booze.

Now while that sounds a bit of a bore, giving up alcohol can actually help shed kilos and give your organs a break too.

So what happens to your body when you give up booze? Firstly when you drink alcohol, your liver works hard to filter it from your system.

Excess consumption can lead to alcoholic fatty liver which can affect the way your body metabolises and stores carbohydrates and fats.

In turn, this can make it very difficult to shift excess weight, meaning you tend to store fat in the abdominal area, hence the term ‘beer belly’.

Not only that, when we drink alcohol, we tend to eat more. Studies show that alcohol actually triggers hunger signals in the brain, leading us to crave more food.

It also messes with our digestion and how we break down our food and the nutrients we receive, causing stress on the stomach and intestines.

Alcohol consumption also messes with our sleep cycles. When we don’t get enough uninterrupted sleep, our hormones can be affected meaning we can crave more sugary and carb rich foods, derailing our healthy eating plan.

Most of all, alcohol is empty calories. There are a whopping 155 calories in a can of beer, and 125 calories in a glass of wine which gives you very little nutrients.

If you do the maths, 3 glasses of wine at dinner can equal a meal in itself, meaning you are actually having double amount of calories needed.

So if you want to give your health a reset, kick the booze today!