When formulating Eimele one of our expert panels greatest considerations was around delivering our customers with nourishing meals whilst maintaining a calorie deficit. We realized that many of the weight loss solutions on the market, while certainly helping people get into a calorie deficit, were missing the essential nutrition that humans require to thrive.   The reality is, that although these products may deliver a weight loss result, they deplete the body of vital nutrients and more often than not lead to the person feeling lethargic, drained and zapped!

With that in mind we created calorie-controlled meals that contain the optimal ratio of carbohydrates, protein and fat (50% carbs, 30% protein and 20% fat) whilst containing dietary fibre and 16 essential vitamins and minerals.

Each of these nutrients have important roles in the body as outlined below:

Plant Protein:
Each of our meals are rich in highly digestible plant protein providing your body with the amino acids it requires to synthesize protein, whilst helping to keep you satiated during your weight loss journey.

Healthy Fats:
Our expert panel felt it was important to provide meals that are rich in unsaturated fats whilst being low in saturated fats, which is generally accepted as the gold standard for reducing one’s risk of cardiovascular and other chronic diseases. The unsaturated fats help your body absorb and transport the fat-soluble Vitamins A, D, E and K.

Unrefined Carbohydrates:
A healthy source of carbohydrates is crucial for adherence to any diet long term.  Decades of learnings from low carb diets such as the Atkins and Ketogenic diets, as well as clinical trials and scientific research, have shown us that low carb diets are hard to sustain and typically result in the ‘Yo-Yo effect’ where a person’s body weight goes up and down during periods of carb restriction and inclusion. On top of that, we know that any calorie matched diet, whether low carb or high carb, will result in the same amount of weight loss (basic energy balance). So, with this in mind, at Eimele we are advocates for the inclusion of healthy carbohydrates to create a sustainable form of eating that delivers long term weight management success. Unrefined carbohydrates, such as those found in legumes and whole grains, are regularly eaten by the longest living people in the world (Blue Zones). Lose weight and improve your health simultaneously? Yes, we believe that’s the goal and one’s health shouldn’t be scarified to lose a few kilograms.

Micronutrient Sources – Contained in Eimele Products:

On top of that, what Eimele product’s do not contain, are equally as important:

Artificial Flavouring
Additives designed to mimic the taste of natural ingredients but are derived from chemicals not originally sourced from nature.

High Amounts of Saturated Fat
Saturated fats are usually solid or waxy at room temperature such as butter, coconut oil, the fat on meat and can significantly increase your blood cholesterol and prevent you from losing weight.

A sugar found in milk and milk products. It can often cause bloating, gas and abdominal pain due to lactose intolerance.

GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms)
Foods produced from organisms that have had changes introduced to their DNA using the method genetic engineering.

So, with Eimele, you can be confident that throughout your weight loss journey you are nourishing your body and mind with the vital nutrition that it requires for optimal function… minus any nasties!


Featured Image Source: masoncash.co.uk