Health Coach Luana Marchi shares with us the list of seasonal ingredients that are perfect for picking this spring!

It is a season of transition, the sun comes out, the days are getting longer and the temperatures getting warmer. Everything seems more colorful even our mood starts to improve.

As the temperature shifts, you might begin to feel some shifts in your body: a desire to spend more time outside enjoying the sunshine, and the switch of grounding foods to all things light and fresh.

During winter months our bodies require more fuel and warm cooked foods. Spring is filled with freshness, new life, and is a time to start introducing more raw living-plant based food to our diet.

It usually takes a few weeks for our body to adjust to a new season. When it comes to food my recommendation to you is to go slowly, respect the transition period, eating light soups and vitamin C rich foods are great during this transition to help to boost your immunity levels.

Eating seasonally is likely the most intuitive diet you can practice. Spring is the time of the year to eat lean, it is time to reset your digestion, eat more alkaline, astringent and light foods.

To help you embrace the season, I’ve put together a list of my favorite spring foods.

For fruits and vegetables, I’m considering what is in season in Australia this time of the year, of course, what’s in season for you will depend on where you live.

Here is a list of my essential foods to enjoy a healthy spring: