Modern Mindset and Meditation Coach, Samantha Flook, shares her perspective on the visions, steps and actions that can improve your motivation.

I rarely use the word motivation. I believe we have to understand ourselves on all levels beyond just feeling motivated all the time. Within our culture there can be a large pressure to be “on” and “succeed” all the time. When it comes to a day where we may not feel as motivated, or might not have the energy to do what we wish to be doing or think we “have” to be doing, we should step back and look beneath or behind our choices to see what is supporting and leading them to what they presently are.

I don’t believe in constant motivation, or flowing happiness. I always encourage my clients to ditch perfection and strive for enough and the feeling of content, this is way more achievable and a lot more freeing within ourselves and our choices.

So, let’s break down your current motivation… I want you to answer the following:

1. If you were to scale your motivation on average, where does it sit?

1 (Low) – 10 (High)

2.Do you feel overwhelmed or content around your choices and habits?

Within your day to day choices, are you actually wanting to participate in them or are they more forceful than flowing?

3.What limits your motivation?

Comparison, limited time, energy, not knowing where to start?

4.Where do you want to be more motivated or “in flow”?

Eating, exercise, work?

Life is change. Each and every day we are adding to our knowledge, re-defining the familiar and what has been known to us. We are creating new perspectives, which means what may once have motivated or inspired us, is ready to shift into a new realm of what is available to who we are now, which I like to call alignment. This is where we have to be really conscious in how we show up around not only our own choices but how we feel within them. The aim is to neither ignore or force them away, instead actually start listening to how we can access our flow and re-define our aligned motivation… without the pressure!

Looking at your answers, where can you get even more honest! “How am I actually showing up in this”. I want you to change your motivation to the intention of flow. “Authentic choices that suit our present needs, without pressure, resistance or expectation around the result”. We find our flow when we stop forcing the outcome, proving to others and start listening to ourselves. 

We have key parts of our life that make up our day to day! This includes: Work, Social, Relationships, Play, Creativity, Self Care, Nourishment, Mindset and Movement!

Out of these factors what are you most motivated around or connected to? To find our flow we must understand that no aspect is separate but is an even part of who we are. It is simply within our beliefs, choices and mindset that we create segmentation within our lifestyles, so the opposing choices of making more informed time for where we wish to boost our motivation, lies within changing these beliefs to shift from a limited outlook to a limitless one.

When we can see and become aware of clear patterns or factors that take up a large percentage of our awakened day to day life, we begin to unlock where our attention needs to go or motivation may be lacking… because we aren’t making time for it to be a focus, our concentration and energy is consumed else where.

For example, if your focus or motivation is around work, which takes up 75% of your mindset and energy in your day, we may find that we feel less motivated in our nourishment/movement, relationships and self care! This information is not to be judged, but to be acknowledged, this is your power to find flow and start making some simple changes!

Where can you release the pressure and expectations that you place on yourself in certain areas of your life? Where does that outcome define you? Where do you force yourself to be motivated… but still not feel fulfilled?

What would your choices look like and how would you feel if you just started doing what you wanted to do without the story of guilt, pressure or justification being on the back end? “How would I feel if I dropped the story around this choice?”

Probably the most common question I get asked in my sessions is around Food and Movement! I will rarely encourage a client to go to the gym and start a big 8 week challenge or make drastic changes within their eating habits, but simply bring more awareness to their choices e.g. dieting to chase a lower number on the scales. NO NO NO! Our aim is to simplify and work from what is flowingly available to you without the pressure or guilt, but understanding of what this choice will give back to you!

Remember health is not a chore it is a choice to support ourselves in being the most nourished, energised and flowing versions of ourselves. It is one step of our flow that plays a really big part in how we show up!

To find “motivation” we must focus on what we can have over what we can’t have, as well as focus on what we can do over what we can’t do! We must hold ourselves accountable for the parts we play and what we create in our reality, we make our choices and we play a huge part in the connection of pressure we hold within ourselves, we are able to release and find flow when we start supporting ourselves with a support system!

When we feel “motivated or in flow”, we find our confidence tends to want to grow or shine in these areas! For us to feel wholesomely connected to our choices, have the support to work through challenging emotions and beliefs, we must welcome in these opportunities and experiences. We must feel connected in who we are first!

So right now, we must vision what that flowing version of us looks like… ask yourself: “What does the healthiest flowing version of me look like?” How does she/he: speak, move, work, socialise, connect in relationships?

This is what we call a form of instant manifestation, living as if we are the person that we want to be. Combined with this we have to really step into strong patience, trust and awareness, without results defining us. Your goal is to ground yourself, connect to yourself in the moment and take action with a choice that will support the most flowing version of you… so let’s create you a flowing plan.

Vision: “I choose to show up and support myself as the most flowing version of myself today”. This is broad… it holds you accountable to be flexible and adaptable in your approach towards shifting your perspective! 

Plan: For example: Making some healthy swaps around meal time, switching your perspective from what you can’t have to what you can have like a delicious @Eimele plant-based wholefood porridge or warm nourishing soup.! Booking in that time for self care, movement and social aspects in your diary.

Steps: Jot down daily goals on a piece of paper : This could be as simple as: “Shift my self talk to more accepting” “Go for a walk” “Take the pressure off and remember to breathe at work today.”

Action: SIMPLIFY! We get to a point of awareness and internal action, but can sometimes get stuck actually initiating energy to bringing our plans to life, this is usually because they are pressure based. How can you simplify your actions? Start with the breath, ground yourself and ask yourself “What is my most flowing choice from here?” 

So, this week, where can you let go of forceful motivation and start unleashing some simplified flow into your life? Nourishment has been on the back end for me on the rise of more intensive work weeks, so I’ve made a conscious effort to clear those blind spots with the support of my @Eimele wholefood sachets! I love collaborating with companies that bring a conscious message intending to help a mass need within our community!


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