Simon Hill’s Tempeh Poke Bowl

(Serves 2)

Total:473 Calories Per Serve

1 cup cooked sushi rice (or brown rice) seasoned with sushi vinegar
150 g or 1/2 block tempeh (see notes) 
1/2 cup edamame shelled
1/2 continental cucumber seeded and cut into small cubes
1 avocado seeded and sliced in half and sprinkled with sesame seeds
1 cup red cabbage
2 tbsp kimchi or sauerkraut
Seaweed slices
Pickled ginger
Black and white sesame seeds
Ponzu dressing
Fresh lime ⠀⠀
  1. Cut into small cubes and pan fry in water or veggie broth or if you do use oil a very tiny amount of sesame oil (using sesame oil will increase calories)

Building the Bowl:

  1.  Place ½ cup of sushi rice into each bowl.
  2. Neatly place all ingredients around the rice until you have your gorgeous poke bowl.
  3. You can also put all ingredients into a separate bowl and let people construct their own individual bowls.
I use Organic Village Tempeh from Woolworths but if you’re not from Australia use any tempeh.
Sesame oil works well with Japanese type flavours and is lower in saturated fats than many other oils and has a relatively good smoking point. Ideally though, I recommend cooking with veggie broth or water especially for anyone with chronic illness.