Pilates Instructor and Personal Trainer Laura Halls shares her top 7 exercises that will keep you motivated to stay fit this winter.

1. Hot Yoga

I recently tried hot yoga and I was hooked! I’ve never been addicted to yoga but hot yoga will make you sweat and give you a damn good workout as well as a deep stretch. This is the perfect winter exercise with so many beautiful studios to choose from.

2. Boxing

Have been a true boxing lover for many years nothing warms the body up quicker than a hardcore boxing session. Its the perfect exercise for toning the body and for your cardiovascular fitness. You can either join boxing group classes or find a boxing instructor for a 1/1. Or stay at home and use Dumbbells or a punching bag.

3. At Home HITT

You can do this anytime and anywhere. Even stay in your PJs if you wish. Think squats, lunges, pushups, burpees (if your game), planks, dips…the list is endless. Write out your desired exercises and opt for 10 reps of 3 rounds. Eg, 10 squats, 10 lunges (each leg) 10 glute bridges x 3 rounds, no rest.

4. Lagree

This high intensity, low impact workout will literally transform your body. Known for its famous slogan “It’s not pilates, it’s Lagree”. The Lagree workout is tough and not for the faint-hearted but has a following of many celebs and Victoria’s Secret models and it works. Hello washboard abs and perky glutes.

5. Indoor Spin

With so many amazing indoor spin classes and studios opening up there is one to suit everyone. From upbeat music, strobe lights, scenic routes and highly motivating instructors you are guaranteed to get hooked. Just be prepared to not be able to feel your legs the next day.

6. Indoor Swimming

Love swimming but not game to dip into the freezing ocean? Indoor swimming is a low impact, whole body workout and also can be quite relaxing. Also great for your breathing which helps the body relax and calm down the nervous system.

7. Bouldering

Indoor Rock climbing but without a harness…risky or exhilarating? Up to you but It’s an amazing full body, challenging and killer core stability exercise. You will use muscles that you thought you never had.  It’s a great way to get social and bring a group of friends together during winter.

This article is in collaboration with https://eimele.com/. Having the same values around not just exercise but healthy eating and holistic health will hopefully motivate you to not neglect your health and fitness this winter but empower you to love your body and make your health a priority all year around.


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